Bsc online 2nd (UKR)

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    This letter is to confirm the admission of the above-named student in the course mentioned above for the 2024/2025 academic year.


    Tuition Fee: 4 000 EUR (per year)

    Admission Fee: 1 000 EUR one-time payment

    Other Expenses (Administrative Fee, Registration Fee, etc.): 400 EUR (first year only)

    Complete one-year expenses: 5 400 EUR


    You are requested to transfer the complete first year fee in the amount of 5 400 EUR into the bank account mentioned below:



    IBAN: LT213250061418347947


    Intermediary BIC: CHASDEFX



    Note! Groups will be created upon sufficient number of students.

    This Admission Letter confirms your eligibility to study at International European University. To continue the admission process and to enroll in the university, you need to cover the complete first-year fee. After the payment is received you will be officially accepted to the university and provided with your personal Student’s Office. There you will have an access to your personalized curriculum, schedule, all the educational materials, lectures, textbooks, etc. The classes will be provided according to your schedule and curriculum.

    Kindly note that since you are starting from the upper year the transfer fee which is based on your academic difference will be calculated upon your registration and might be requested additionally from your side.


    We shall be glad to see you as a student and looking forward to welcoming you to our University.