Pl PG 2years on campus EU

Complete the form

    This letter is to confirm the admission of the above-named student in the course mentioned above for the 2024/2025 academic year.


    Tuition Fee: 8 500 EUR every year

    Medical Insurance: 200 EUR (100 EUR per year) one-time payment

    Temporary Residence Permission: 200 EUR one-time payment

    Other Expenses (Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, Registration Fee, Documentary Translation Fee, Notarisation Fee, Certification Fee, etc.): 1 800 EUR first year only

    Complete one-year expenses: 10 700 EUR per year

    Complete second year and onwards: 8 500 EUR every year


    The Admission Letter means that we are ready to start enrolment procedures to grant you student status at our university. Please note that you can stay at the hostel provided by the University.


    Students should bring with them the following documents:

    1. Original Invitation letter (for non-EU citizens);
    2. Complete first-year payment slip;
    3. 8 passport size photos;
    4. Original School Certificates (should be legalized by the Embassy of Poland).


    Note! Groups will be created upon sufficient number of students.

    Please, make sure that all above said documents are along with you before leaving your country. Immigration authorities may demand them at the airport. You should inform us about your flight details in order to avoid any problems at the airport and in order to be received by our representative. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.


    We look forward to your arrival in Poland and we are confident that you will continue fulfilling your career path and spend interesting student years at International European University, Poland.